Siding for Lexington, KY, Homes

siding lexingtonIf old, drab siding on your Lexington home is bringing down its curb appeal and affecting its value, consider replacing your siding with the outstanding siding products at Sunrooms and More. Our siding comes from industry leading manufacturers and is sure to both enhance your house’s outer beauty and make your entire home more energy efficient. We carry composite vinyl siding products from Crane Exterior Portfolio. Crane siding is renowned for its durability, seamless appearance, and innovative energy-saving design.

This beautiful siding is highly resistant to virtually anything Mother Nature will throw at it.  It won’t warp or crack with fluctuating temperatures. Its color won’t fade under intense rain or sun. And it is impervious to damage from insects.  Simply put: When this siding is installed on your Lexington home, it will stand the test of time.

Along with the outstanding appearance our siding will provide your Lexington home for years, it also has amazing energy savings benefits as well. This siding is outfitted with insulation that has an R-value of 2.5. It provides a formidable barrier to heat transfer in and out of your home. Blocking heat transfer is important because it reduces the strain put on your heating and cooling system when it has to compete with unstable temperatures in the home. An A/C that doesn’t have to continuously run to maintain the temperatures you want doesn’t constantly consume costly energy and drive up your monthly energy bills.

When you choose our siding for your Lexington home it also comes with a life-of-the-home warranty to protect your investment. Plus, we offer numerous financing plans, so we you are sure to be able to get the siding you want no matter your budget. Have a siding specialist from Sunrooms and More come to your home for a free consultation on siding installation today.

For more information on our insulated siding for Lexington homes, contact Sunrooms and More today.