Gorgeous Bay Windows for Homes in Louisville, Elizabethtown, Lexington or Cincinnati

Bay WindowsIf you have been thinking about a new look for your home in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati or Elizabethtown, consider bay windows from Sunrise Restorations. The factory-trained installation technicians from Sunrooms and More can customize your new windows with countless combinations of styles, colors, and energy-efficient glass options. A bay window actually is a set of window panes arranged in a pattern that extends outward. The pattern includes three panels, and how those three panels are arranged is completely up to you.

You can design your bay windows any way you like to match your home. Combine a picture window in the center with two casement windows on either side for ventilation. Choose a shingled gable effect on the outside, or add a sweeping metal roofing finish instead. Use custom-designed decorative glass, or any number of different grid patterns to create the effect you desire. If you can envision it, the home improvement experts from Sunrooms and More can make it happen.
The bay windows from Sunrise feature:

  • A 1⅛-inch oak veneer wood seat, head and jambs are standard
  • Wood exteriors are capped with vinyl for protection against the elements
  • Insulated urethane seat board available in double or single insulation packages
  • Ice and water shield barriers that protect the wood from bad weather
  • A fully insulated cavity for maximum energy efficiency

Sunrooms and More is dedicated to helping homeowners in Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and Elizabethtown make the absolute most of the spaces available in their homes. That might mean installing a new sunroom, finishing a basement, remodeling a kitchen, or any of the myriad home improvement projects our experts can deliver. If you would like to discuss your options for bay windows with a Sunrooms and More design consultant, contact us or stop by our showroom in Lexington.