Designer Basements by TEMOHealthSmart Panel Design

1. TemGuard F.R.A. solid-panel surface

  • Class-A fire rated, code-approved
  • Paperless, 100% non-organic, moisture & mold resistant
  • 100% non-porous – allergen & odor resistant
  • Superior strength
  • Seamless panel connection
  • “Nail anywhere” advantage
  • Allows pre-finished décor convenience

2. Thermal panel core

  • Our thick Expanded Polystyrene core provides exterior wall panels with superior thermal rating
  • Expanded Polystyrene is recommended by the US Department of Energy for basement use
  • Keeps interior conditioned air (heated/cooled) inside room for year-round comfort and energy savings
  • Blocks air and cold from the foundation wall from reaching the interior room space
  • Blocks warm or moist room air from reaching the cold foundation wall reducing the conditions that can produce mold
  • 100 % non-organic
  • 100% moisture resistant
  • 100% non-porous
  • Self-extinguishing in case of fire

3. Panel back with built-in Microban® protection

  • Our exclusive panel backer with Microban® protection faces the foundation wall to resist mold growth on the panel
  • The Microban® brand is the leader in the built-in antimicrobial product protection in the industry
  • Panel back is 100% non-organic, moisture resistant and non-porous

Attachment SystemBasement Diagram

4. Self-adjusting hanging bracket

  • 100% non-organic, moisture resistant, mold resistant
  • Provides easy panel installation & removal
  • Ensures level walls for continuous smooth-wall finish

5. Raised base channel & electrical raceway

  • 100% non-organic, moisture-resistant, mold resistant
  • Integrated electrical, front-access
  • Protects panels & electrical from accidental water exposure
  • Removable trim molding for future electrical

6. Air circulation thermal chamber

  • Allows evaporation of naturally occurring moisture from foundation wall to reduce potential for mold growth
  • Provides additional thermal space for increased thermal protection