Attic Insulation for Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, KY, Cincinnati, OH & More Communities

attic insulationAttic insulation is the first line of defense against excess heat gain and heat loss in your home. It’s vital to the energy efficiency of your home to block heat transfer because fluctuating temperatures increase the stress on your home’s heating and cooling system and drive up energy consumption. If you already have a standard form of insulation installed in your attic, as most homes do, it may not be enough.  Standard home insulation, like fiberglass blankets and spray foam, only provides adequate protection against two types of heat transfer – convection and conduction. But there is a third kind, which is the leading culprit of heat transfer in and out of homes, radiation. Radiant heat passes through standard insulation virtually unimpeded. To combat this, Sunrooms and More offers an industry-leadingradiant barrierfoil insulation product, eShield™, that we can retrofit to your existing attic insulation to provide the three-pronged protection your home needs. 

An eShield™ radiant barrier utilizes the same scientific research and design principles that NASA developed to keep astronauts and spacecraft safe from the sun’s radiation in space. This advanced attic insulation effectively blocks 97 percent of all radiant heat emissions, and when retrofitted with some form of standard insulation, is guaranteed to reduce your home energy costs by at least 25 percent.  Plus, eShield™ can help you qualify for federal energy tax credits.

For more information on our attic insulation products for Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and beyond, contact Sunrooms and More, a BBB A-rated business, today. We also install other green products, including vinyl windows with energy-saving saving features.